Residential Treatment Centers for Girls

Our Mission

The mission of VPI Bennington is to provide a therapeutic community
that enables youth to heal from past trauma, find pleasure and joy
in their present lives and build resources for their futures.


Staff are always there when you need to talk, they are very understanding.


I have grown tremendously, and communicating with staff is a big part of that.


To me to thrive means to go above and beyond, and I have, I have done things that I never thought I would.

Our Committment

Our programming affords children and adolescents the opportunity to make connections with others, to grow and discover their gifts, and realize their potential to thrive. We facilitate growth-promoting experiences through secure relationships that increase the student’s ability to self-regulate.

To this end, our program provides customized therapeutic experiences in a nurturing environment promoting the best practices in trauma informed therapy and inclusive education.

Residential Treatment Centers for Girls

Clinical Services


Leads the team through collaboration and choice in establishing clinical service(s).

Family Therapy

Family Therapy options are available to the youth’s caregiver(s) within our milieu. Caregiving for children.

Our residential life experience is designed to create connection

Give students the time to be themselves and discover what they enjoy. Students can choose from a variety of activities such as : archery,trivia and movie nights, music lessons, arts and crafts.

While living with their dorm mates in residences, students learn how to accept themselves and others.

These residences have staff to student ratios of 1 to 3 and 1 to 4, respectively.

Residential Treatment Centers for Girls

Approved Educational Program

During the school day, students are actively engaged in academic and elective programming.
This structure allows students to remain on task and active throughout the day.

Art Exchange


Art Exchange

Students access the Vermont Arts Exchange, a local art studio off campus, where they are taught by numerous local artists.




Each season brings a new schedule of events and assignments related to the horticulture products.